Providing support and recognition to our foster families.

Over 35 years of helping neglected and abused children and the families who provide them with love and care.

At any given time there are between 400 and 700 children in the foster care system in Lee Charlotte, Glades and Hendry Counties. While foster parents are compensated, the amount of compensation only barely covers essentials. It is our goal to help whenever possible with additional expenses as they occur, thus assuring that the children in foster care are afforded the same opportunities as other children in our area. In addition, we provide immediate assistance to children coming into the system. Many times these children are taken into protective custody and placed with a foster family with only the clothes on their backs. We endeavor to make available immediate funds, clothing and other necessary items to help alleviate any additional financial burden the foster family will incur.

Foster families deserve our support and recognition. Taking someone else’s child into your home and providing him or her with love, care and a sense of belonging is not an easy task. By providing this type of grass roots support to our foster families and children, we have been able to extend the number of years that a family is willing to foster. We have some families in our area who have been fostering for twenty years.

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